Sunday, November 12, 2006

Meijer Wipe Out

The last Concord Place newsletter asked that we make sure that our resident has hat, gloves and boots in case it becomes necessary to leave the building. I knew that Mom's winter coat was there, and I also knew that she didn't have any of the other things with her. So we went to Meijer to get those items and to do some grocery shopping. I found just the right hat and gloves, but they didn't have boots the right size for Mother. I got my big feet from her.

Somewhere around the cottage cheese section, I got very tired of walking (limping) around, and headed for the front. I should have known that would happen - Meijer is just too big for me at the moment. I always get over-tired there, even with a cart to lean on. Dick checked out while I sat on a bench with two really old gentlemen.

We visited Mother - she likes the hat and gloves very much. We had a nice visit, but a short one because I wanted to go home.