Monday, December 07, 2009

Ocean Day

This was a great day to finally go see the ocean - what a force of nature! It was windy and wavy, and people were surfing in spite of the warnings of rip tide.

At Jensen Beach we stopped for lunch at the Sea Turtle Cafe - despite what it looks like, we were not the only customers.

We did some caching along the beaches. Here I'm signing the log for the "Here Fishy, Fishy" cache at Joe's River Park:

December 7 by basswoodbend (2461 found)
Today's goal was to pick up some Christmas wrappings and to check the ocean to make sure it was still out there. 82 degrees and cloudy is a far cry from the 25 degree wind chill and 2 foot snow depth our neighbors tell us we are missing at home. We are feeling that if we get any more mellow, we might rot. Then on top of perfection, caching brings us to this neat new park. Many thanks for bringing us here!