Friday, September 02, 2011

Our First Full AA Day

What a mad social whirl (for us!)

We met Dennis and Chris at Zukey Lake Tavern in Pinckney for lunch. They are leaving Sunday for two months in Australia! We always enjoy their company, and love listening to their stories. They are now the grandparents of two, a girl and a boy.

The new baby is named Tiberius James - which we thought was interesting and unusual. Later, Tom pointed out that on the TV show Star Trek, William Shatner's character is named James Tiberius Kirk. Chris' son must be a Trekkie!

Then, after a lovely lunch, we went out to dinner with Sniders and Grignons at Carrabba's in Canton. Good food, good friends, good conversation, and anticipation of picking Tom up at the airport after dinner. What a nice time!

We picked Tom up without incident, and now we're all ready for tomorrow's game!