Monday, May 26, 2008


Crown Princess Deck Log
St. Petersburg to Tallinn - 196.2 Nautical Miles
Average Speed - 20.6 Knots
Noon position: Alongside in Tallinn
Sky: Clear Skies
Temperature: 52 F

This is Memorial Day back home - no mention of it here on the boat or in Estonia. We had a really early start this morning, and then our tour bus was one half hour late - which was a foreshadowing of the day! Our guide was Sven and he was a rookie. He had really no idea how to conduct a tour. He never introduced the driver, he was continuously distracted by passengers' questions, and he never gave good instructions about how long the stops would be and where to meet, etc. Lots of people on the tour were dissatisfied! It was fun talking to the other folks on the bus who were retired teachers.
Sven the Incompetent:
Tallinn was another interesting town with a neat skyline and lots of spires. We were only in port for 5 hours, so we really couldn't do it credit. We did get lots of good pictures though:

Dick and I changed for the Captain's Circle Cocktail Party. Free Rum Punch - woo woo!