Friday, April 04, 2008

Baby Drew

I practiced walking on Front Street today while Dick did some walking on the TART. He was checking out some information for some new caches that he has in mind. I was pretending to be in Norway - I want to be prepared to do a little walking around when I get there!

Afterwards we went to see Baby Drew, who is now 3 months old! Autumn and Brooke were visiting Aunt Shelly, so we got to see everybody! Drew is adorable, and such a good baby - it was delightful. He bonded with his Uncle Dick (great-great Uncle Dick).

Autumn is in the 3rd grade, and she thinks that their new house in Kalamazoo is cool!A kind of blurry Brooke and Michelle. Brooke is in Kindergarten and is already reading :)

After this very pleasant visit, we went out to lunch at Bubba's - and it was yummy! Then we drove around the old State Hospital grounds - it's amazing what's happening up there. Several of the smaller buildings have been done over and freshly painted, and businesses have moved into them - a coffee shop, a winery, and a cheesecake bakery and cafe among others.