Saturday, August 01, 2009


The rain, rain, rain ruined our plans for today. We wanted to do geocaching in the morning and the Horse Show in the afternoon.

Instead we went to the movies! (Always a good option in my opinion.) This time it was the guinea pig movie, G-Force in 3D. How much fun is that? Every time I glanced at Dylan he had a big smile on his face. It's action-packed for sure, and it's very much fun to see the guineas walk, talk, think, and bounce! Everybody liked it, I must say. Dick said that it was better than Harry Potter... and much better than geocaching in the rain.

We went for dinner at La Senorita - what a busy place on a Saturday night in the summer. We were slightly crowded, but it was really yummy and enjoyable anyway.

At home Dylan let me play with the Gillespie guinea pigs - they don't wear goggles or drive toy jeeps, but they have charming ways of their own.