Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Round and Round

We went exploring in Ann Arbor, and found many interesting places. Bader Park is kind of a pocket park in a neighborhood off of Arlington St. It's really hard to locate, but Dick found it and even found a cache there.

We drove around the campus of Washtenaw Community College - it's quite an impressive layout - and it's beautifully maintained. We got a cache there, and also one across the way near the grounds of St. Joe's. It's always fun to tour Ann Arbor and today was no exception.

The most puzzling cache was at lunch time. There are a couple of brew pub caches downtown, and we ate lunch at one of the brew pubs, and then went searching. We both looked and looked, and searched and searched, and gave it a good go, with no luck. The other one was no problem.

We parked in a parking structure across the street from the pub - it was very convenient, but I'm not a big fan of parking structures. We always have to go round and round and round and park on level five. Well, at least that's what it seems like.