Thursday, May 27, 2010


For our Ketchikan excursion, I booked the "Walk and Roll" tour. This is where some people walk around town with a guide, and others can ride an electric scooter! (Me) For me, it was an enormous amount of fun. I learned how to be a good scooter-dooterer, and I was able to go all around town and see the sights of Ketchikan. I personally loved it. I'm sure it was tiring for my buddies - but they seemed to enjoy it, too.

The rhododendrons were blooming all over Alaska - I was amazed by that, because they sure weren't blooming in Michigan when we left. We've seen huge tree-like rhodos blooming all over Alaska. These are some smaller bushes in Ketchikan's Whale Park. Beautiful.

There are totem poles all over Ketchikan.

The name Ketchikan is derived from a Tlingit Indian word. One source says that the word means "thundering wings of the eagle". A lot of the folks in Ketchikan prefer this meaning, and this carving depeicts it.

Ketchikan Creek - this "creek" is bigger than the Boardman.

A Ketchikan Museum - The Totem Heritage Center

Scootering up one of Ketchikan's many hills. n For me, it was really the way to go !

Another beautiful totem pole. We learned that totems are not supposed to be preserved or restored. They are meant to weather and deteriorate naturally.

What The Heck?? That sign says: Improved Order of Red Men - Tlinglit Tribe #4
It boggles my mind!

Princess cruises are a lot of fun!

Dick's Notes:

The ship docks a little late and everyone (but us) wants off NOW!! The line winds around and around forever. We just sit and watch. Nancy has signed up for the Stroll and Roll Tour. She gets a scooter, we walk. Nice tour of the highlights of the downtown. On one path we were headed for a cache. OMG a skirt lifter!! The cache lady from Ky. Beat me again. After the tour we scout for another cache, the hills are very steep. Going up was no problem, coming back down on the scooter was scary.
There was a seafood Barbeque by the pool. Jan and I had seafood, Bill had pizza, Nan will eat later. Tonight’s show is Motown. The folks who put it on didn’t sing enough gospel music as kids. [What he means is that the performers were all very white bread - not a lot of soul in this bunch although they were all good performers.]Nan and Jan visit the casino to end the day. Nancy is the big winner.