Wednesday, May 21, 2008

At Sea

Crown Princess Deck Log:
Throughout the day Crown Princess continued on her various courses towards Stockholm.
Sky: Clear Skies
Temperature: 52 F
Copenhagen to Stockholm: 719.3 Nautical Miles
Average Speed: 18.0 knots

We all went exploring to learn more about this huge ship. Jan and I went shopping and checked out the Casino. She has more luck than I do playing slots. I lost my money so fast you wouldn't believe it. Note to self: stay away from the Casino!
We had drinks again in the Atrium. We heard the string quartet, a pianist, a guitarist, and watched some acrobats. The ship has great entertainment!

Dick and I went to a lecture on St. Petersburg. It was a good, illustrated lecture, but the theater was too warm, and lots of people nodded off - including me. I did learn a lot about Peter the Great, and about the siege of Leningrad (St. Petersburg) druing WW II.

.St. Petersburg lecture in the beautiful Princess Theater.

On the ship, the Atrium is called the Piazza. We called it the Atrium anyway - force of habit. These pictures show the staircases, ceiling, elevators, and entertainment area. It's a shiny, polished, elegant atmosphere, as you can see!

It was formal night on the ship, so we all ate in the Buffet - not in the mood to dress up. Following dinner, we had drinks at Crooner's, followed by a great stage show at 8:15 p.m. in the Princess Theater. It was called "What a Swell Party" and it was a tribute to the music of Cole Porter. The singers and dancers were very talented and enjoyable.Here are Jan and I in the Theater waiting for the show to start. We all went in early to get the seats we wanted because by 8:15 there was standing room only.
What a Swell Party it was! We really enjoyed the show.