Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunshine on Our Shoulders

Great travel day. You just have to love moderate traffic, blue skies and sunshine.

It was such a great day that it was hard to imagine what had happened to the rollover we saw on US 23 by Ann Arbor. A small gray car had rolled off the road, down a slope, and ended up quite a long way into a field - it must have rolled several times. People were there checking it out - we couldn't tell when it had happened. Go figure.

The trip was pretty much uneventful, except for the gas station incident at the Dundee exit.

The bathrooms were closed and the sign said "Use the bathrooms on the other side of the building". This involved a cooperative search with other seekers. Those available bathrooms were not marked with any recognizable signs. The hallway said Big Riggers. There was eventual success. The bathrooms were back by the showers for the long haul truckers. What a treat!

Even more memorable was the coffee station where I wanted to get coffee for Dick. A young man was there with a pressurized cannister of something and he had it hooked onto the machine. When he turned it on, the pressurized hose nozzle blew off with quite a bit of force, hitting an employee in the face. She seemed to be OK after a few seconds, but that has to leave a mark! He said, "Let me try it this way", so I decided to move on out of the store and just keep going.

We're in Marion, Ohio - a nice motel, but no elevator. Tomorrow we get to drive through Columbus (wince).

Ohio is not the most scenic State you can drive through - (cornfield, cornfield, mosque, cornfield). At the risk of repeating myself, here's part of one of my favorite poems from my blog of July. 2008:

When I go back to Michigan I drive through Ohio.
There is off I-75 in Ohio a mosque, so life
goes corn corn corn mosque, I wave at Islam,
which we're not getting along with
on account of the Towers as I pass.
Then Ohio goes corn corn corn
billboard, goodbye, Islam. You never forget
how to be from Michigan when you're from Michigan.