Friday, September 24, 2010

Caching A2

Found it 09/24/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] Discovering Clonlara Visit Log
Out grabbing a few before dinner this afternoon and this guy popped up. I have to say that we never expected to find this container in the city. Swapped a harmonica for a pen. Thanks for introducing us to this school.

Found it 09/24/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] A World Away Visit Log
Some times what the skirt covers is just not accessible. Quite a fake out. TFTC

Found it 09/24/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] Obi-Wan Kenobi Visit Log
Boy the muggle problem at the cache is serious. Should we wait till he gets on the bus or try our best stealth? One of us kept an eye on the muggle while the other went for the cache. Never has hiking a skirt been so loud. A quick scoop and casual stroll to the cachemobile and the report was "He never turned to look". Signed log and replaced. TFTC

Found it 09/24/2010 You found [Traditional Cache] Caching Costs $$$$$ Visit Log
It was interesting this morning when I set out to Meijer's. This cache was closer to our apartment than many caches we've sought, just over 1/2 mile. So instead of driving, it was a walk. The problem I have with this type of container is that it takes me longer to replace the log than to find it. After the find a quick trip into the store was made hoping to thank the owner but without success. Perhaps she had already driven north for her Annual Autumnal Amusement.