Saturday, December 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Dylan

Even though the birthday party is tomorrow, today is Dylan's real birthday.   He's playing today in a tennis round robin at the Martin Downs Sports Resort, where he takes lessons.  Cyrus, his instructor, is a graduate of Ferris State!

 Today Dylan played with Luke, Pedro and Tasia - he performed well - made some really good serves and some great strokes for points.  We can see a bunch of improvement since last year.

 Dick and I had lunch at the Club - chicken quesadilla and fried green beans! It was yummy.

 When we got home it was time to open presents! Such fun - it's always the best part in my opinion.

 We went shopping with Laurie to the Italian Market to get some of their homemade clam chowder for Dick and Dylan. The rest of us had chicken and baked potatoes. Thanks, Laurie.

 She's picking up Tom tonight at the West Palm Beach Airport around 11 p.m. Hooray for Laurie - we'll be sleep by then - we'll see Tom tomorrow:)