Sunday, February 09, 2014

Caching on the Ninth

Found it 02/09/2014 You found All Alone   Visit Log
We came out today to enjoy the sun and the green before our quick flight back north tomorrow. As the sign in our gym says, retirement is what you do between Dr's appointments. Up there they have had 150 inches of snow and it was -9 yesterday morning. We breathed the air, enjoyed the sun, signed the log, and replaced as found. TFTC
Didn't find it 02/09/2014 You couldn't find Canal View   Visit Log
Gave a quick look but too many muggles and we don't yet know what a Florida hide is.
Didn't find it 02/09/2014 You couldn't find Timer's Entrance   Visit Log
This hide, in fact this park, was too much for us today
Found it 02/09/2014 You found Not Out Here Too!   Visit Log
Mrs Bend figured out what we were looking for before we got to the corner based upon the description. Did a thorough search at GZ with no success. Overcame my fear of sticking my hands in tight spaces and searched deeper, found the cache in with the trash. Signed the log and put it back down there. TFTC