Sunday, August 25, 2013


Nobody came to our Open House.

We do have a really clean house now, though :)

It's a bummer for us, of course, but as Scarlett said - "Tomorrow is another day".

Open House

888 E. River Road will be open to the public from noon to three this afternoon.  This has me a little worried, thinking of strangers walking around the house looking into closets, etc.  On the other hand, we do want people to come and check it out and maybe get interested!

We've never done this before.  We just hope that we've done everything we could to prepare for this event.  The saddest thing would be if no one even came to look at our house.  It has taken quite a bit of preparation, and we would really like to have somebody take an interest in it.

We don't actually know much about what's involved - I've heard from several sources that:

1.  All of the lights in the house should be turned on.
2. We should not be here during the hours of the Open House.
3.  The house should be "staged" to look its absolute best.

Number 3 is the one that has me worried.  I know nothing abou how to "stage" my house.  Anyway, most of our decorative item have been packed in boxes all ready to be moved.  So I guess we just make do with what we have left, which is not a lot!

Want to buy a riverside home?  Please?

Wed. - Lunch with Dick and Linda;

Thurs. - gym, clean house, mail ebay orders;
Fri - physical exam, organize house;
Sat. - more house cleaning, errands, meet and greet;
Sun. - Open House with realtor from 12 to 3.
A busy life, a busy week...anybody want to buy a house on the river?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Upcoming Open House

Lunch with Dick and Linda at Art's.  While we were there, realtor Jim explored our house to get prepared for the Open House on Sunday afternoon.

We are keeping busy with more downsizing to help us get ready, too.  Next comes "staging", and I don't have a clu

After lunch at Art's with friends, we had a DNF in Glen Arbor and decided to give this one a try. The find was quick,
sat on the bench to log and a young couple came and sat on the dock and stared at me. There was another couple enjoying the view and breeze behind me. I waited and waited until a jet ski buzzed into action and drew their attention and then rehid the cache. Not as well as I would have liked but it got the job done. Left nothing, took nothing, just signed the log. Thanks for giving us our souvenir for Day 21.

Found it 08/21/2013 You found Stick Around   Visit Log
After lunch at Art's with friends, we had a DNF in town and decided to give this one a try. The find was quick, sat on the bench to log and a young couple came and sat on the dock and stared at me. There was another couple enjoying the view and breeze behind me. I waited and waited until a jet sky buzzed into action and drew their attention and then rehid the cache. Not as well as I would have liked but it got the job done. Left nothing, took nothing, just signed the log. Thanks for giving us our souvenir for Day 21.                   

Didn't find it 08/21/2013You couldn't find  CRO- Turtle CoveVisit Log
The GPS was off today, searched but blanked

Found it 08/20/2013You found  No OutletVisit Log
We had a busy day and my attempt at a dash and grab earlier was a fail. I'd been saving this one for just such a situation as this. Made a quick find of the unique hide, signed the log and replaced as found. Thanks for giving us our Day 20 souvenir.

Write note 08/19/2013You posted a note for August M&G at BC PizzaVisit Log
We will be there, that brings us to 11, please let us know by Wed so we can alert the staff at BC

Found it 08/19/2013You found  Go Ahead and Log It!Visit Log
We were out in the neighbor hood at the Dr's office (Geocaching is what we do between Dr's appointments) and wanted to get a cache for Day 19. Decided to hustle over before the anesthetic wore off. Thanks to the hint, previous logs, and work on "Bring Something Home for Dinner" it was a short walk and a quick find. This is definitely our kind of cache and hide. Since we were treating it as a P&G, we left and took nothing. Signed the log and replaced as found. Thanks for giving us our Day 19 souvenir. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Mr. Marshal, Lake Ann and Black Bear

Marsh stopped in for a visit this morning.  He was on his way home from kayaking in the U.P.  We had a nice lunch and a great visit.

Our 18th August find was over in Lake Ann.  Another great day for a ride.  We have had a series of splendid days!  Heat is on the way, though, so we're wnjoying being temperate while we can!

 08/18/2013    You found  Lake Ann Needs Another Cache!         Visit Log
We went for a ride around the lakes and wanted to earn our souvenir for Aug. 18. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to claim Day 18. Signed log and replaced as found. TFTC

On the way home from Lake Ann, we drove past 4805 Black Bear Lane, another condo prospect.  It's in Black Bear Farms, off Cedar Run Road.  Nice location, nice neighborhood, although not very woodsy, but nice.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

International Geocaching Day

Today is International Geocaching Day.  There are events all around the world to celebrate the day.  We just decided to participate by finding a cache for Day 17 of the August challenge, and by turning Basswood Bessie into a Travel Bug and giving her a good home.

Yesterday we headed west to Manistee, so today we headed east to Grayling.  Here are Dick's logs:

 08/17/2013    You found  Apples to apples 
On our way back from Grayling we didn't want to just drive through town without one more find. Signed log and replaced as found. TFTC

 08/17/2013    You found  SWS - Grayling on the M&NE
We were out caching in the area today and had to stop for lunch. If it's lunch time in Grayling, where else but at Spikes? Afterwards, we wanted to grab a quickie before we left town. This was it. Thanks for the cache. Took nothing, left our card and flashlight. All was well until I started back to the car, tripped on a branch and took a header. Oh well, nothing that a bit of ice and an elastic wrap won't take care of.

 08/17/2013    You found  Paul Bunyan's micro         Visit Log
Out caching on a fantastic August afternoon. We made the find, signed the log, and replaced as found. TFTC

 08/17/2013    You found  Mystery Spot II         Visit Log

We were getting ready to go snag a cache when Bessie announced she wanted to come with us. She also said she wanted to go for a ride. We all got in the cache mobile and aimed for Grayling. When she saw the river she told us that she wanted to sit and watch for a spell. We found a good spot and left her sitting on the bank while we came on to find a cache for Day 17. This was the perfect spot. With some research it would make a great Earth Cache. We made the find, signed the log and traded our flashlight for a duck. Thanks for bringing us to such a neat spot and for giving us the cache that earned us our Day 17 souvenir.

This is Bessie of Basswood Bend sitting next to Richard.  She loves her new location and she would like to participate in some geocaching, and to visit events, etc.     

Facebook Fun

Morgan's canning plant

You Know you are from Traverse City, Michigan when....

Anyone know this whereabouts ?  You should.

Brian Thomas:  It is now the open space. I moved here in 1973 and it was there still but very
fact I think they took it down right after that summer.

Nancy Steiger : My Dad, Dutch Kanitz, was the weighmaster there for several summers in the 40s. Teachers were always looking for summer jobs!

Cinda Kinney Simmons Nancy Steiger - I remember your dad from JHi. Did he also coach football?

Judith Keller Albers:  Nancy, I also remember your dad. He was my 8th grade math teacher at Central Elementary when it was the Jr. High.

Shirley Weller Martinek:    Nancy dad also worked at Morgans and was a friend of your dad.  Mr Kanitz was my math teacher in 8th grade and it was my favorite class (I loved math). Also, we purchased a set of World Book Encyclopedias from him.

Charley Green:  I had Mr Kanitz for math in 1958

Nancy Steiger:   Shirley Weller Martinek, Judith Keller Albers, Cinda Kinney Simmons, Charley Green - yes to all of you  That was my Dad. He taught 8th grade arithmetic and coached football and baseball. Selling World Book Encyclopedias was another of his summer jobs. Nice to have him remembered. :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Day Tripper

On a gorgeous Friday morning, we headed down M37 to do some caching around Manistee.  Haven't been down this road in a coon's age.  It really hasn't changed much - not much development going on around these parts.  The forest is dense and lush, and it makes for a beautiful, relaxing drive.

The new Douglas Park on Lake Michigan right in the town of Manistee is a well planned, fresh new facility.  It's right on the shore, of course - with a sugar sand beach.  There's a terrific playground for kids, great picnic opportunities, brand new bathrooms - just an A-1 place to visit.  Today the Lake was smooth and deep blue - such great scenery.

We had lunch at The House of Flavors - an old favorite.  I wish we had one in T.C., but they're just in Ludington and Manistee.

We got the cache for today - number 16 for a few more :)

Found it 08/16/2013You found Treasures of Frankfort #7 Visit Log
This was our second find in town and our last of the day as we were getting tired and decided to just head straight home. Thanks for the cache.
Found it 08/16/2013You found Treasures of Frankfort #6 Visit Log
We drove over today to view the Lake and harbor. We couldn't resist grabbing a couple of caches while in town. Made the find, signed the log and replaced as found.
Found it 08/16/2013You found Turkey Trot Series 9 - On a Seasonal Road Visit Log
We are on a driving tour "Down Memory Lane". Down 37 and back up 22 with a break for the occasional cache. We haven't been able to catch the Turkey Trot event the past few years because of scheduling conflicts so it was fun for us to combine our love for the back roads with the grab of this cache. Made the find, signed the log and traded our flashlight for a small hand sanitizer. Thanks for the fun.
Didn't find it 08/16/2013You couldn't find Sledding in Manistee Visit Log
Not today, couldn't even spot the tree.
Found it 08/16/2013You found Cricket's Favorite Park Visit Log
We came down to Manistee today for two reasons. One was a trip down memory lane, we had many visits with our friends who were here have since moved on, and the second was to log Day 16 of the 31 day Challenge. We have been having a bad week caching, on Monday we logged 4 DNF's before we made a find. Since our kids gave us an iPad mini with the geocaching app for Christmas, it, and the iPhone have been our GPSr of choice. However, this past week it has let us down a bit and so for this trip I went back to the old faithful Garmin as backup. While loading it with caches, we spotted the caching wonderdog's favorite park cache and highlighted it. Thank the Lord I had loaded the Garmin because we could not get enough of a signal from Verizon to work the Apple devices. We waited out the friendly lady with the puppy but our hunt turned out to be under the supervision of the frisky fellow who arrived just after she left. We kept our back to him and told his human that I was looking for bird signs.
Thanks for placing the cache here where it added to our day of memories and gave us our souvenir for Day 16.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

If At First...

Found it 08/15/2013You found Trail Starter Visit Log
We came out the other day and were using the iPad. We had to claim a DNF. As I was posting it I saw the log by Boxman Crew with the revised cords. I don't know how or if you can adjust the cords on an iPad so I came back today with the revised cords loaded into the Garmin. Bingo!!
This gives us our souvenir for Day 15 of the 31 day challenge.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another Day in Paradise!

It was a little strange driving through town this morning.  There was significantly less traffic than we've seen all summer.  Couldn't figure out why those left turns were so much easier today!  There did seem to be a lot of touristy foot-traffic on Front Street, just less traffic over all.

 Then we were off to get a cache for today - the 14th day in a row!  We wanted to capture the Glen Haven cache that we couldn't find the other day - we still couldn't find it.

It was another gorgeous day for driving around Leelanau County, and we really enjoyed it.  Lunch at Art's is a firm tradition - today we had good timing and were seated right away.  The tavern was full of families with small children - we always enjoy watching the antics of the kids - and then we enjoy driving away without them ;)

Found it 08/14/2013 You found CRO- Canoe Portage   Visit Log
The 31 days of Geocaching gave us an excuse to head up to Glen Arbor and have lunch at Art's. Chicken Jalapeno soup! YUM!! After lunch we claimed this find. Thanks for placing it here, it gives us our Day 14 souvenir and a great lunch stop.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13

This was Mother Gen's birthday.  It's also the birthday of our sister-in-law Emilie.  So Happy Birthday, then and now :)

Found it 08/13/2013 You found Rest In Down   Visit Log
We are working on the 31 Days of Geocaching challenge and need to score one for 8/13. It's my mom's birthday. Traverse City's citizen of the year in 1962, she would have been 118 today. Yesterday was our worst day of caching in our 10 years. Four DNF's before we could make a find and that one the owner practically led me by the hand, they sent a picture for Pete's sake! My puzzle for today is - Why can I find Peppermintpatti's evil hides but not Team*Churinga's? Oh well, maybe tomorrow. Anyway, made the find, signed the log and replaced as found. Thanks guys for giving us the souvenir for Day 13

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Quail Meadow Office Sofa

Dylan, Laurie and Chip are over at our Quail Meadow condo .  They're putting together our office sleep sofa.  The guys are carefully reading the insructions - yay!

This will be Auntie Jana's bed when she comes to Florida in December.  We'll be ready!  Dylan is making it look super comfortable :)

Here's the couch version of the sofa.  Dylan is making this look super comfortable too  :)
I think it looks terrific!

We bought this sofa at IKEA in West Palm Beach.  Don't ever go there - that store was a zoo.  But we're very happy with the results.

Thank you Gillespies one and all.

Found it 08/11/2013 You found Townline Road Escape to Nature Visit Log
We made a run to recycling and then around the corner to find a cache on 8/11. Haven't been back here since doing Whittard's Al Quacka series. Made the find and signed the log, left 0, took 0 except the two Lunchable packs some one had strewn along the path. Sure hope it wasn't a fellow cacher. Can't get into the mindset of why someone would do that. If you can carry it to someplace, you ought to be able to carry it back. Oh well!
At any rate, we earned our souvenir for Day 11 of the 31 day challenge. Thank you for placing and maintaining caches for us to enjoy.                   

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 10

Back over in Leelanau County today!

Enable Listing 08/10/2013 You enabled Lovers Lane   Visit Log
Replaced and it's ready to go

Owner Maintenance 08/10/2013 You performed maintenance for S2S Empire   Visit Log
Stopped by today and checked, the numbers had come off the lid. Replaced, it is now good to go. Grabbed the teddy.

Didn't find it 08/10/2013 You couldn't find MLT Glen Haven   Visit Log
We found all the stages but blanked on the final. Maybe another day.

Found it 08/10/2013 You found Going, Going, Gone!   Visit Log
We were out today on maintenance mission for our Lovers Lane cache in Suttons
Bay and the S2S one in Empire. As lunch time approached the question was Art's or the Early Bird, this time the Early Bird won. Since we were in Leland we picked this one for our Day 10 souvenir. Today the field was a place where a half a dozen young kids were throwing balls to their well behaved dogs. Made the find and signed the log. Thanks for placing the cache in such an interesting place and thanks for giving us a find on Day 10, only 21 to go.

Friday, August 09, 2013

31 Days of August

The challenge is to find a geocache every day in August, 2013.  Dick has joyfully tackled this challenge, and here are the first 9 finds in August, one per day.

Found it 08/09/2013 basswoodbend found Pull My Cache Michigan Visit Log

Found it 08/08/2013 basswoodbend found Owls' Perch Michigan Visit Log

Found it 08/07/2013 basswoodbend found The Covered Cache Michigan Visit Log

Found it 08/06/2013 basswoodbend found Merry Christmas 2012 Michigan Visit Log

Found it 08/05/2013 basswoodbend found Boone Farm, Clem's Gems Michigan Visit Log

Found it 08/04/2013 basswoodbend found Love Means Nothing in Tennis Michigan Visit Log
Found it 08/03/2013 basswoodbend found GRF#76 - 1st for Michigan Michigan Visit Log

Found it 08/02/2013 basswoodbend found River Side Ammo Michigan Visit Log

Found it 08/01/2013 basswoodbend found Its NOT Apples and Oranges Michigan Visit Log