Friday, March 21, 2014

Pre-Birthday Dinner

This afternoon the three of us went to Ashley Furniture and City Furniture to shop for a chair for the living room.  I found one which I really like, and it will be delivered tomorrow!  I'm very happy about it.

I requested Benihana for my birthday dinner, forgetting how much food was actually cooked in front of your eyes for a Benihana dinner!  It was so good, and the chef was so much fun.  He just kept piling food onto your plate until you just knew you could only eat half!  Yum!

 We had such a great time - I loved sitting by Dylan, who fell in love with Japanese food on his trip to Tokyo a couple of years ago.

Spring break begins today for him.  This year they are going to Colorado skiing with the Pratts.  They are flying out Sunday.