Monday, July 20, 2009

Take Flight!

Dylan is going to flight school at NMC's College For Kids. Today was the first day, so all of us went along to drop him off with his backpack and his sack lunch.

He seems to have really enjoyed his first day. He actually got to sit in a flight simulator and try landing a plane! (He crashed on the runway, because he wasn't tall enough to see over the control panel, and couldn't even see the runway!) He was really disappointed about that, but I think we all talked him out of it.

The Clark cousins had a wonderful day on the river. It was totally easy for us because Chris took charge of all of the details - spotting the cars, carrying canoes and kayaks, etc. He took care of all the pick up and delivery, so to speak - plus he was a hero and saved Loretta, who was stuck under a tree. It's a good feeling to have those watercraft used and in the river for a change. Chris and Shelly. Aunt Molly and Uncle Dino, Katie, Becky, Betsy and Loretta - we loved having them here.