Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve - Palm City to Valdosta

Started the day with a trip to the Treasure Coast Urgent Care, where Dick had a lovely hour in the waiting room (not). They were very nice, thorough and efficient, and gave me a prescription for an antibiotic (Cipro) and told me that if I took it to Publix, it would be free!

We arranged to meet L, C & D at the Galaxy Diner for breakfast. I went in and got a table for 5 while Dick took the prescription to the Publix next door. It seems that they really do have a Free Antibiotics Program, so there was no charge for the Cipro.

We had a great breakfast, and a wonderful time until Chip got a phone call from his Mom saying that his Grandma (Nana) had passed away. She was 102 and seven months old, so her passing was not totally unexpected, but still a solemn event.

We hugged everybody goodbye, and headed to the Florida Turnpike north to Valdosta. Traffic was a little crazy, and the plazas were super-crowded, but generally an uneventful trip to Georgia. It was fun to see the Georgia cotton fields - that's how you know you're not in Michigan!

The woman at the Comfort Inn recommended the Texas Steakhouse for dinner, and said "Here's you a coupon for 10% off". See? We're not in Michigan for real.

At the restaurant, the couple at the next table over heard us saying Traverse City and came over to say that they were from Grayling! How coincidental is that? Then we ran into a man wearing an M hat - it turned out that he lives in Sarnia, but has been an M fan all of his life.

Gas price in Florida this morning was 3.11. and tonight in Valdosta it's 2.91.