Monday, April 07, 2014

A Day in the Life......

More laundry


Buy new walker at Thompson's.  The other walker is in Palm City, so we're covered both places.  We wound up going to both Thompson's stores - the one on Union St. had the right one.

Pick up mail at Barlow P.O.

Get Dick's new lenses and spare pair at Cedar Run Eye Center.

Visit Kathee at the Visitor Center.

Cash refund check from Munson (!!!)  Still can't believe that one.  Guess I overpaid...

Go to Mall for lunch.  Dick walks Mall, I don't.

Call Dr. Burke's office for appointments for both of us.  We've been gone for six months so we need new referrals and approval from the Doctor to return to our gym.  We can see him Thursday.

Back home - sort through mail - catalogs, catalogs, and then some catalogs.

Pay some bills.

Still more laundry.


Got a call late last evening from Jana.  She was at the ER with her friend Wendy.

  She had been given morphine and was being prepped for a CT Scan.  It seems she has an infection of some kind - she had a high fever and lots of pain.

 Right now it's almost 3 o'clock the next afternoon and she's still lying on a gurney in the hallway.  They want to admit her, but there's no bed available at the moment.  I just talked to her again, and she thinks maybe around 5 o'clock she'll have a room.  Her friends Wendy and Sarah are taking turns staying with her, and they both text us when there is news.

At this point she's had some good pain meds, the CT Scan and an ultrasound, and they still don't know what's wrong.  We are a bit on pins and needles today, but it's a relief to know that she's not alone.