Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tribute to Richard!

MiTuCats logged our Welcome to Traverse City cache yesterday. It's a nice recognition of the ingenuity of the leader of our team - well deserved, in my opinion.

November 10 by MiTuCats (1020 found)

It's been a long time since we had the privilege of finding a Basswoodbend cache, so this was high on our list of caches to find while the Best Half was attending a conference in Acme. The mention of the regional maps at the Welcome Center added to the allure.

Unthinkingly, I arrived at the site just as the workers at the Welcome Center were straggling in for the day. With two particular Basswoodbend caches in my mind, I was hunting in a likely location when a young lady came along and asked if she could help me. Since she was heading for the Welcome Center, I knew she would be aware of the existence of the cache so I told her I was just looking for the geocache. She said something like "Oh, I know it's here but not exactly where. From what I've heard, you're looking in the right place." I spent another 20 minutes or so searching with no luck, then went inside. I had a nice chat with the lady at the desk, left a signature card in the inside cache and signed that log and acquired a VERY nice map of the area. The lady then asked me if I had found the outside cache and I said "no". She told me it was NOT where I had been looking (contrary to former information) but she didn't want to give me any further advice because she figured I'd prefer to find it myself (she was right!). I then went back out and within a minute had found the cache in a location
that I would have checked earlier if it hadn't been for some well-informed but incorrect advice.

I hadn't been aware that the Welcome Center existed (in fact it didn't the last time we were in the area) so thanks for leading us here and for the caches.

I signed both logs, left a signature card inside and took nothing but memories. As usual, I greatly enjoyed your cache. There are about 6 geocaching teams in Michigan that we find consistently place higher than average quality caches, Basswoodbend is one of those teams and we greatly appreciate the few opportunities we have to hunt your hides.