Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sailor's Return

Slept in really late this morning - maybe it was the Nyquil. I'm trying to nip a cold in the bud. Then I got up and fell asleep again in the recliner. Nyquil sure must be powerful stuff. Laurie called and we planned to meet at the Sailor's Return for lunch. I made reservations for five outside, because it's such a beautiful Florida day and it's fun to watch the boats go in and out of the marina.

When they got there, Tom said there was a chance he might have to go back to San Diego before Christmas because there's a laser problem and they need him. Holy cow - he could wind up flying across the country every day this week. We shouldn't have chosen a restaurant with the word "return" in its name!

 We had a great lunch with beautiful views, and planned to meet back here at our condo afterwards. By the time they got to the condo, Tom had heard that he does NOT have to fly back to San Diego after all - whoopee!