Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dino Duo

Found it 07/29/2014You found  Reach Out And Touch Someone Visit Log
Out today with the Dino Duo while the Chevy dealer was on a 4 hour mission to fix all the recalls on their GM mobile. We decided to celebrate the good news Mrs Bend has received from her oncologist by trying to help each other erase some Churinga DNF's. The Dude took me by the hand and practically pushed my face in to it. What amazing effort must have gone into placing this cache. I am definitely not a fan of micros but this one deserves a favorite. 
Didn't find it 07/29/2014You couldn't find Gone Fishin' Visit Log
As a general rule, we only post a single DNF for a cache which we can not find, even if we return and search a number of times. We first posted a DNF for this cache a year ago. Found the tool and had an idea of what to look for but blanked. Dino Duo, who had found it, saw our DNF and swung past to see if it was still there, they reported all was good. I came back solo another time last fall and again this spring. I even got the micro maven to crank up her walker and give me a hand last month. Finally, I emailed the Duo and begged them to give me a hand in person to help me overcome my Churinga nemesis. They came over today but, although they had spotted it twice before, apparently became infected by a case of BWB blindness and this time drew a blank.
I've tried the best I could so I guess this one will just have to go on my ignore list.

After caching, they came over and picked me up.  We all went to lunch at Rico's.  Yummy and fun.