Friday, May 02, 2008


In school in Ann Arbor, and later living in Wayne County for 35 years, I listened to the Bud Guest show on WJR on a daily basis for as long as it was on the air. Every Friday afternoon the band played and sang:
Thank Goodness It's Friday,
Man oh man am I beat.
I worked all week like a dog, you see,
And I'm as tired as a guy can be,
But on Friday I holler TGIF -
Thank Goodness It's Friday now!
So I like to sing that little song to Dylan every once in a while on a Friday. I didn't get a chance to talk to him today, but I was thinking of him. We taught him TGIF way, way, way back when he was in Kindergarten!

Dr. Burke called this morning - he said I just had one small gallstone and there no indications of problems so we're good to go to SCANDINAVIA!!!

More errands today - it's always something! Dick cleaned out his closet, so we went back to Goodwill with clothes and light fixtures. Then we were off to the mall where I went walking while Dick shopped for travel clothes. After lunch we did the Subaru cruise of downtown, and picked up the Euros at the bank. They are different sizes according to the denomination!