Saturday, June 18, 2011

Prairie Home Companion

Facebook informed us that there would be an opportunity to sign a petition against the State's Emergency Manager Law today at the Open Space. Since this is a program which allows the manager to come into a community and dismiss elected officials, we are only too happy to sign this petition. On the face of it, it's a power grab, pure and simple - unconstitutional and undemocratic: "...the law, gives emergency managers -- with the state treasurer's approval -- the power to effectively dismiss local elected officials, and to cancel all or portions of employee union contracts to restore financial stability."

After signing, we went over to Bay Bread on Randolph Street and got box lunches for a picnic. There is one lonely picnic table at the Open Space, and we were lucky enough to find it available. Great lunch, beautiful bay, fun people watching!

We had tickets for Interlochen this evening - Garrison Keillor and the Prairie Home Companion, and we wanted to get there early. Took a nice ride out around Long Lake on the way over to Interlochen.

We thought we were early, but today's concert was sold out, and the parking lots were all almost full already. Dick let me out by the auditorium area, and drove way, way down to where the parking lots are gravel. It was quite a hike for him to meet me.

Gee, what an enjoyable evening we had. We love to listen to the show on the radio, and it's ten times as much fun in person. Garrison did some funny skits about the cherry festival, and the Traverse City area in general. He also really promoted the Interlochen Academy for the Arts. They featured two students - one a violinist and one a harpist- we were so impressed.

After the show, we went to the newly refurbished Fresh Water Lodge, which is now called Harrington's by the Bay. (We remember when it was Schweitzer's by the Bay!) The dinner was wonderful - especially the salad - they know how to make a salad! The service was great, and it has a nice ambiance - a little noisy, but then it was really busy, too. It got significantly more quiet after one particularly noisy patron left! We would go back there.