Saturday, September 21, 2013

Such a Disappointment, Wolverines - Happy Birthday Jana!

Seventeen Unanswered Power U-M to Victory at UConn

9/22/2013 - Postgame: Hoke video icon | Gardner/Toussaint video icon | Morgan video icon | Photo Gallery
Seventeen unanswered points -- highlighted by a Desmond Morgan leaping interception and two rushing TDs from Fitzgerald Toussaint -- propelled No. 15 U-M to a 24-21 win at UConn. More [+]

Dick and I were really appalled at the incompetence of our team tonight.  It was so painful to watch the first half.  We watched in disbelief.  Dick kept rewinding to watch the plays again to try to figure out what was going wrong.  The blocking was atrocious - looked worse than high school.  Oh sure, it's a W, but it's nothing to be proud of.  I hope they all have a good bye week, and will be looking halfway decent when they start the Big Ten season.  Heavy sigh.


Happy birthday Jana!  We had fun on the phone, and she liked her present and cards - so in that way, it was a very good day!