Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday in T.C.

We gave Chip three tickets to the movies for his birthday, and this morning they all went to see "Shorts for Kids" at the State Theater. I guess it was really fun - I know Dylan liked it - he had fun describing some of the shorts for me. Then they met Dick at the visitor center, and Dylan came home with Dick while L&C stayed in town and walked around and did some minor shopping.

Tonight we all went to Friday Night Live downtown and walked around and enjoyed the street performers. Dick ran into Chris and Shelly - I didn't see them. We left fairly early, and the Gillespies stayed around for the evening and went to the movie in the Open Space. It was "Goonies" - and Laurie was the only one who really liked it. By sheer coincidence, Chris and Shelly sat right next to our guys - what are the odds? Everybody saw them but me! This was a nice day.