Thursday, October 03, 2013


Spent the day at Munson, first in CT prep, and then in the old familiar Infusion Clinic.

 The name of this scan is a real mouthful:  CT scan with contrast and hydration.  The scan itself was quick and easy, the IV went in easily, the injection was barely noticeable.

 However, the scan includes 6 hours of hydration - two hours before the scan and 4 hours after.  It's necessary because it protects the kidneys from the contrast they inject.

 I'm in favor of protecting the kidneys, but still and all it is a bit of a drag.  Dick sat with me almost the whole time, and I'm sure it was a drag for him too, but he did not complain.  How lucky I am!

I see Dr. Ruch tomorrow morning - have no idea if he will have results by then.  I'm thinking we may have to wait until next week.

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It was raining cats and dogs when we left - Dick was soaked - I didn't get a drop on me - such a great chauffeur!

Meanwhile, my niece Pam is having a double mastectomy today - my day has been far preferable to hers.  Pam has been having chemo all summer, and is now ready for surgery.  She likes to say that after today she will be cancer free :)  The faculty at her elementary school all wore pink today in her honor.