Monday, April 29, 2013

Farewell Piqua

Ohio is just plain not our favorite State in the Union.  Sooner or later, when we travel, we have to stop over in Ohio.  On the way down to Florida we stopped near Lima, and now on the way home, we stayed in Piqua.  We picked this motel because it's connected to a mall.  We stayed here once on the way down to Florida at Christmastime, and we really enjoyed it.  The motel and the mall were beautifully decorated for the season, and there were lots of people around.

In April, not so much.  The mall was almost totally empty.  We walked around just to see what was there.  They have Penney's and Sears, and something called Elder-Beerman.  And shoe stores - lots of shoe stores. 

The mall echoed with our footsteps - there was hardly anybody around.  We got coffee in the food court and sat down to people-watch.  It was really more of a hall-watch.  We did see about 5 others in the area and that's it.

We went geocaching, and had rotten luck.  More DNFs than finds.  So farewell, Ohio.  We love to leave you.

Found it 04/29/2013You found Cat Toy Exchange Visit Log
Stopped for the night on our way back home. This is a fun cache! Took nothing, left our card and flashlight. Thanks for the fun.
Found it 04/29/2013You found Clowning Around With Diamond Visit Log
Stopped for the night on our way back to God's Country. TFTS