Friday, February 01, 2008

In Which We leave Florida

We stayed with Laurie and Chip last night. Chip made us great pancakes and bacon this morning and then it was farewell to Saint Creek Drive and Hammock Creek. Dick took these pictures for me - I love the landscaping around the entrance and the gatehouse.

Bye Bye Hammock Creek. It's been great!

We hit I-95 and headed for Savannah. Tonight we're just south of Savannah in Richmond Hill, Georgia. It was a very pleasant travel day, and a lovely Comfort Inn. We ate at Beef O'Brady's, a sports bar (my new favorite venue)! It was comfortable and fun. Beef's is a strong supporter of local athletics, both athletes and coaches. We liked Richmond Hill. The sign said it's a Henry Ford City (?).
These El Cheapo gas stations are all over this area. The cheapest we've seen so far is $2.75.

The Character Cafe

Since Dylan is the Pillar of Patience this month for the PCE character construction project, we all went to lunch at school in his honor. We chose Grandpa to sit on the stage with MisterD, but the PTA ladies said that we could all sit with them and also that we could each have a cup of ice cream!
Things don't get any better than this! We are very proud of Dylan, and he was really happy to have us there. It was a Good Thing.

Dick took this picture just for Sharon. This Lincoln Navigator was parked outside of Dylan's school as we left the building!

We met the realtor at our house in Summerfield so she could do a walk through and make sure that we hadn't done any damage! We turned in our keys and remotes and waved goodbye to Warwick Lane.

I chose to eat our last Florida dinner at Duffy's, which is a sports bar. It's a totally comfortable place and exactly matches my level of sophistication! I had a great time.