Saturday, February 06, 2010

February Made Me Shiver

So far in February, Jana is snowed in, Tom's trip to Germany is on again, off again, and Dylan is giving carnations to girls at the Middle School for Valentine's Day. (It's a fund-raiser.)

Meanwhile, here at Steiger Central, things have been very low-key. It's a little like hibernation. We're just not doing much. We have solved many problems, though - does that count?

There's a new TV (welcome to the 21st century),

a new credenza to put it on,

a new Apple desktop computer for Dick (which is mostly set up and working),

shopping for a Jeep (still undecided), planning a cruise with Sniders in May to Alaska, planning a road trip in March to visit Jana, dealing with various companies by phone which means navigating their menus and being on hold forever (this can take a whole morning), cleaning out the pantry (that took three days), and then, for the piece de resistance, we got rear-ended again. Oh yes.

One of those icy mornings after gym we tunked the car in front of us sliding on the ice, and the car behind us hit us hard. The most interesting thing about that whole incident is that after the accident, the other cars both just drove away!

(I think that the front end of our car now symbolizes the effect the new coach has had on the Michigan football program!)

We went to the police department (excuse me - the Law Enforcement Center) and the nice man there helped us out. Meemic was johnny-on-the-spot, so that when we contacted Hansen's Collision they already had all of the documentation for the repair. The parts are in and the Rav should be fixed by the end of next week.