Sunday, December 02, 2012


Richard planned our trip so that we would drive through Atlanta on Sunday morning, hoping that traffic would be much lighter in our nemesis town.  Yay!  It was still stressful, but a great improvement over previous expeditions.

We were listening to the local NPR station on our way through.  The laugh of the day was that the station is partially funded by the Legal Seafood Restaurant, located across from the Atlanta Aquarium!
That's like having the Chinese Buffet next to the Humane Society!

We had the Sunday Buffet at Shoney's - it was the best ever!  Everything tasted like real home made food - it was really delicious.  Dinner in Valdosta at Olive Garden.

Found it 12/02/2012 You found Ivy League Hotel Visit Log
We are passing through on our way to spend Christmas with family in Florida. After a long day on the road, we checked in to our room and realized that there was a cache right across the street. We quickly found the beautifully camoed container Took nothing, left our flashlight. There were two bugs in the cache but we didn't think we could help either of them. A great start to our evening, unfortunately, it all went downhill from here.

Found it 12/02/2012 You found Rain Water Visit Log
Not bad once we figured out what to look for. Cords were right on. Signed log and replaced as found.

Write note 12/02/2012 You posted a note for sam's other place Visit Log
When we saw that this one hasn't been claimed in 9 months, we figured "Why bother?" the owner has ignored numerous calls for maintenance.

Found it 12/02/2012 You found It's Academic Visit Log
Almost DNFed this one too. Signed log and replaced as found.

Didn 12/02/2012 You couldn't find Not Eggzackly Visit Log
A frustrating evening after a long drive.

Found it 12/02/2012 You found Trash to Cache in a Flash Visit Log
A find in Valdosta! After DNFing 4, it felt good to grab a smilie. Took 0, left our flashlight. TFTC

Didn 12/02/2012 You couldn't find Kimberly's Park Visit Log
Don't know, cords put us in the middle of the road. Didn't feel comfortable searching someones front yard.

Didn 12/02/2012 You couldn't find Dinosaur Park Visit Log
Should have known better than to search for a cache that the locals can't find. Cords took us to the middle of the path, no luck.

Found it 12/02/2012 You found Is anyone selling cold drinks out here tonight? Visit Log
A challenge, almost gave up. Signed log and replaced as found

Didn 12/02/2012 You couldn't find Tall is Small Visit Log
Very busy drive through. It wasn't in the obvious spot, we didn't search further