Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

Christmas Tree of Gillespie 2013

Joyous Christmas of Steiger

Happy dinner prep of Laurie

How to make Grandpa happy - Christmas with family!
How to make Dylan happy - a Honda Dirt Bike (DRF 250 L).   Santa really did come.

Happy dinner prep of Chip

Joyous Christmas of Jana

Christmas Elves
Best Uncle and Best Nephew

My favorite 2013 Christmas Picture
Hooray for Christmas!

My three kids took me to the movies this afternoon - it was very special.  We saw Philomena, which, it turns out, is a true story of Irish babies sold for adoption by nuns.  Philomena is the Mom of one of those adopted babies, and she has been obsessed for 50 years with finding him or at least finding out what has become of him.  It's an interesting search with kind of a surprise ending.  I was totally absorbed by it, and everyone seemed to enjoy it as well.