Monday, December 19, 2011

Blog Blues

I have spent most of today trying to update my blog.   Blogspot has changed, and my current browsers aren't quite up to the task, especially when it comes to pictures.  I downloaded Google Chrome, as blogspot recommended.  Fine.  That works, but it's just as clunky as the old blogspot - plus they have changed some of the features and there are no instructions as to how to make it work as well as it used to. It's all by guess and by gosh.

 I think I'm doing quite well to have figured out as much as I have, but I'm still having trouble with editing and pictures.  I'm hoping that it will all become apparent to me as time goes by.  Maybe.

  Wrestling with blogspot took up the whole morning and lunch time up until around 2 p.m.  Dick was pacing like a caged animal, so we had an outing to downtown Stuart to finish up the Tour of Stuart cache that we all tried on Sunday, but got rained out.  It was a fun walk along the riverfront and the information was easily available.  We signed Basswood and also Sharkie Crew because they did 90% of it on Sunday.

After some errands and a couple of other caches, we went to the Park Avenue Grill for ribs - came home to put the leftover ribs in the fridge, and went to Laurie's house to see Tom and Dylan.
 Laurie and Tom had been Christmas shopping down in West Palm, and Dylan had school and tennis.  We had fun hanging out with them - Dylan had really good news about his mock trial project - his group won!  And the teacher said that he had the best questions.  He has exams for the next three days, and then he'll be on Christmas vacation.

Tom kept getting phone calls about Cymer's laser projects.  Some calls were from San
Diego and some were from China - about two separate laser types.  See - Cymer just can't get along without Tom!