Sunday, October 27, 2013

Back to Kasky

Another Fall Sunday, another colorful ride to the Kalkaska area.  Their colors are still vibrant, while ours are beginning to fade.  We found some terrific back roads to explore, some less bouncy than others!  We were lucky enough to find eight geocaches, and unlucky enough to not find two others.  Maybe next Sunday?

We enjoyed the drive, the backwoods, the searching, lunch at Big Boy, and being mellow.  It's been a good day.

And then the Lions put the icing on the cake with that fantastic win over Dallas!  What an exciting finish! So glad we got home just in time to see it.  Go Hawaiian Blue  ;)

Cowboys 30

(4-4, 1-3 away)

Lions 31

(5-3, 3-1 home)

1:00 PM ET, October 27, 2013
Ford Field, Detroit, MI

Didn't find it 10/27/2013 You couldn't find Aarwood Trail Access Site Visit Log
Not good enough to make the find today
Didn't find it 10/27/2013 You couldn't find Log Lake Campground And Disc Golf Visit Log
GZ took us to the corner just inside the fence. We looked for something which matched the clue. Expanded our search back outside the fence, explored a couple of other sites which matched the hint with no luck. Pushed the search across the road, still a blank. If the cache is there, we just aren't good enough to find it this day. I must say that searching that area gave me a strong impression that disk golf players are slobs. Despite the trash barrel sitting right there, the ground is covered with trash. Good spot for a CiTO.
Found it 10/27/2013 You found Old Boney Tree Visit Log
We were enjoying this rain free Sunday by going for a ride and enjoying the fall colors. The amount of snow on the ground, especially the piles in yards next to metal roofs, was a surprise to us, you must have gotten a lot more snow here than we received in TC. When this cache was published, we, a couple of retired teachers, put it on our "must do" list. So, after our Big Boy Buffet, we came to make the grab. Enjoyed the walk and made the find. Signed the log, took the coin and left our flashlight and our new pen. Thanks for the fun, we'll give it a favorite.
Found it 10/27/2013 You found You've been horsed Visit Log
Quick grab, signed log. TFTC
Found it 10/27/2013 You found Trouble Visit Log
This one was too much "Trouble" for us the last time we looked. Thanks to kkoehlert for bringing it back into reach. The log was full so we added a page and signed it.
Found it 10/27/2013 You found North country spider cache Visit Log
We really liked the container for this cache. Signed the log and left our pathtag. Thanks for the hunt. BTW Can anyone tell us the story behind the peanut?
Found it 10/27/2013 You found Do you smell what I am cooking? Visit Log
We started our search on the wrong side of the road but figured it out. TFTC
Found it 10/27/2013 You found Farkle Visit Log
The log was completely sodden when we found this cache and could not be signed. We signed a replacement. The piles of snow that have slid off the neighboring garage is scary. We aren't ready for that yet. TFTC
Found it 10/27/2013 You found Excuse ME!!!!! Visit Log
A quick grab while in town today. Thanks for the fun.
Found it 10/27/2013 You found Yahtzee party Visit Log
We decided to take advantage of the lack of rain to go for a ride and enjoy the colors. We wound up in Kalkaska and decided to finish off the caches we hadn't gotten to previously. Made the find and signed the damp log. Thanks for the smilie.                   


Laurie and Chip hosted a Halloween party at their house last night.  In this picture, Laurie reminds me of Pippi Longstocking!  Looks like a fun party :)  And Laurie is definitely the cutest one!