Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chelsea & Dexter

What a lovely day we had today! Breakfast at Big Boy, coffee and wi-fi at Espresso Royale, Off to Chelsea to begin some fun caching. My favorite was the series called Healthy Communities - very clever containers, hides, and puzzles. We loved it. Dick is the champion finder of the Western world! We drove back through Dexter, and along Huron River Drive - very nostalgic. We have always loved this area.

Tim and Susie came over to go out to dinner with us - that's always enjoyable! We went to Joe's Crab Shack, and Susie and Dick had crabs and shrimp up to their elbows! It was a great way to end the day.

Here are Dick's logs for today:
9/11/2007 You found Washtenaw Steps Up! (Traditional Cache)
A great day for some caches in the Chelsea area. We saw this series and decided to give it a try. Not being familiar with the area any more, the long way was the route chosen. Found the cache after a brisk walk and signed the log, grabbed the cords and left a ladybug.

9/11/2007 You found Michigan Steps Up! (Traditional Cache)
We were in Chelsea for the afternoon and chose to do this series. We loved this hide! Thanks for the effort and creativity. Traded TBs and left some puzzle books in exchange for some wet ones. We replaced the cache and got in the car, then we remembered to get the coordinates for the Healthy Comunities. Thanks for the fun.

9/11/2007 You found Healthy Communities (Unknown Cache)
We were in Chelsea for an afternoon of geocaching and we are glad we chose to do this series. Great concept, fun creative hides and nice areas. We enjoyed the series immensely, thanks for the adventure. We swapped TBs and traded a stuffed bunny for the water bomb toy.

9/11/2007 You found Random Kindness (Traditional Cache)
To do justice to this cache and its owner we know that we should compose a lengthy tome. Regretfully, we know that we won't do it justice. We were in Chelsea for an afternoon of geocaching and reminiscing. We often came for rides out in this area when we were first married 50 years ago. Many things have changed but it is surprising how much has not. When we arrived, the park was empty except for a tot on the playground and his minder. We quickly found the cache, traded sigs, and left a slate for the next child who visits it. Thanks Nurse Nanna for the fun.

9/11/2007 You found Historic Oak Grove (Traditional Cache)
An interesting hide, we found it after a short search. We had the area to ourselves except for a couple of dog walkers. Thanks for the hunt.

9/11/2007 You found Which way to Montpelier??? (Traditional Cache
There seem to be a lot of cemetery caches in this area. This was an easy find. we took a TB and left a geopin. Thanks for the hunt.

9/11/2007 You found ODS Seed - To Michigan From Ohio (Traditional Cache)
Not a park and grab but almost. thanks for the fun.

This is the sixth anniversary of the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. I'm expecting that this country will observe this anniversary in the future the same way that we now observe the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and D Day. This evening I watched a documentary about trying to recover human remains from Ground Zero. So many people worked so hard for so long to try to recover and identify remains - a horrible job - Well Done.