Monday, December 03, 2012

Cricket Court

From Valdosta to Gainesville, there was very dense fog on the freeway.  By the time we reached Gainesville, it had lifted, and we saw the blue skies and palm trees of Florida.

We got on the Florida turnpike, and stopped at the Canoe Creek Plaza for lunch.  The turnpike seems to be remodeling their plazas, and there was construction everywhere.  At Canoe Creek, when you enter the building, there's a huge sign which says "RESTROOMS OUTSIDE".  Huh?  Turns out to be restrooms in a trailer - not as bad as you might think, but still a little weird.  There seemed to be a big fire raging right across the road from the plaza.  Tons of smoke and flames billowing up above the trees - what's up with that?  No one seemed at all alarmed, and there were no fire trucks or anything there.

The food court turned out to be four sets of tables and chairs out by the parking lot.  We each bought a muffin and ate on the road.  The most unsatisfactory lunch stop ever.

But after all, the sky is blue, the fog is gone, the temp. is 80, and we're almost to Palm City!

Laurie wanted to surprise Dylan with dinner at Flanagan's, and we were the surprise.  We sat at Flanagans's and waited for them to arrive - our server was excited, too.  It really was a surprise for Dylan :)  He couldn't believe it!