Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hutchinson Island

We went to the beach this morning to enjoy the ocean. It was a beautiful day. The ocean was rather calm for an ocean, and we had fun people-watching. There was a bonus, too. Dick found two caches on the Island.
I want you to notice in this picture how you can see the rain falling into the sea from the darker clouds, but above the clouds you can see the bright blue sky and the tons of sunshine. Wow. Florida is a very interesting place!
We had yummy burgers with L,C, and D in the evening. It was a Good Day.

Dick's logs:
Found it 1/9/2008 You found Elliotts Back Forty. (Traditional Cache)
This was a great day to spend some time at the beach. The red tide that was causing us some respiratory distress a couple of weeks ago seems to have dissipated. All in all it was a very pleasant day. Lots of sunners and fishers, no swimmers. Found the cache quickly. We have tried this type of container but have given up on them. Even with a liberal coating of Vaseline on the threads, they still leak. Despite the owner's instructions, the container was replaced square side up. The log is damp but still usable, the baggie is torn and it leaks. Poured out the water and put the log in a new ziplock. Left a glass lady bug. Thanks for the fun.

Found it 1/9/2008 You found Seaside Park (Traditional Cache)
A fire ant feast! Signed the log whilst stompin' and slappin'. We did enjoy the beach though. We will have to come back for the other cache nearby. Today was landscape maintenance day at that end.