Thursday, September 10, 2009

Delhi, Dexter, Chelsea

Lovely day for a drive - just perfect. We found 9 caches in 2 towns, 2 cemeteries, and some parks.

9/10/2009 You found MGA9-Delhi Bonificación (Traditional Cache)
We are staying in Ann Arbor for what has become our annual football month. As in previous years, 4 straight home games is just too much "down and back". For today's Geo-Adventure, we chose to take Huron River Drive to Dexter and then on to Chelsea. As we drove along, when Nuvi told us there was a cache nearby we allowed ourselves to be sidetracked and hunted for it. The first "Ding" was here. We went to school and after graduation, lived and taught in the area for a total of nearly 40 years. The Huron Clinton Park system was a treasure for us. Although this is not actually a park and grab, it was the most straightforward find of the day. No muggles to deal with, just the rental crew delivering a huge grill for a party this evening. Thanks for the fun and the memories.

9/10/2009 You found Welcome to Chelsea (Traditional Cache)
We pulled into town for lunch and afterwards we decided to come over here to attempt to clear a DNF we picked up on this one last fall. Subconsciously, this was probably our destination the entire time. We were on a roll today and everything seemed easy for us. How we missed this one on our first pass is inconceivable. High fives and smiles as we drove away. Thanks for the challenge.

9/10/2009 You found Quiet Clatter (Traditional Cache)
We knew where it was as soon as we drove up. Unfortunately, it took us a little more time to spot the anomaly. Clever hide. Thanks for the hunt.

9/10/2009 You found Near Monachus (Traditional Cache)
Some days you bite the bear and some days the bear bites you. This is one day that we were on a roll. Been chompin' on Ursus all afternoon. We thought that this was going to be a frownie but one last try gave us the prize. Thanks for another challenge.

9/10/2009 You found SQ - Forest Lawn (Traditional Cache) [visit log]
I don't know what's up with us, Cemetery caches, and muggles, but we can't avoid them. Just as we were beginning to retrieve the cache and a gal came wandering up walking her dog. At least there is a nice place to watch the view until the coast is clear. Took the TB and left a flag pin. TFTC.

9/10/2009 You found Michigan Craft Brewing: Jack O'Lantern (Traditional Cache)
We were in Milan yesterday and found one of the series there but were totally unprepared for this cache. How very neat. Signed the log and left a pathtag from an event we attended in Florida last winter. Thanks for the fun

9/10/2009 You found Scio Village (Traditional Cache)
Continuing on our drive from A2 to Chelsea, Nuvi "Dinged" again. This was a case where once again, we knew exactly where to look, no need for the GPS. Will we ever learn? After consulting the Garmin, we made a quick grab. TFTC

9/10/2009 You found Loch Al"pine" (Traditional Cache)
We have driven past this location many times over the years but never drove in before. When we pulled up, there was a muggle on her cell in the paved area so we held back. Made it to ground zero by a circular route and began our search. Quickly spotted an anomaly in the branches, how clever, it looks just like a bird nest. A closer inspection revealed that --- it IS a bird nest! After an extended search revealed nothing, we decided to check the Nuvi one last time for the description and spotted the new coords. DUH!! Back at the proper spruce, we quickly found the cache. It needs some TLC. The log is wet and the tube has begun to disintegrate from the recent downpours. Thanks for the fun, we enjoyed our tour of the neighborhood.

9/10/2009 You found Freedom Cache (Traditional Cache)
When we were ready to turn for home, we wanted to cruise the back roads. We asked Nuvi what she thought and she recommended we try this one. The Garmin wanted us to dig up the middle of the cross roads but we knew better. A quick check of all four corners provided the prize. A fun ride to end today's Geo-Adventure. Thanks for giving us the excuse.