Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Taxi and Take Off !

This was a beautiful day, and thunderstorms are predicted for tomorrow, so the instructors at College for Kids took the students up in the airplane today!

Before they flew, the instructor took them around the plane for the pre-flight check, and showed them everything that has to be done. And then it was time to take off.

Dylan was first - he taxied down the runway and assisted on take off. He sat in the captain's seat, and handled the controls. He flew the plane from TVC to the Sugar Loaf landing strip. Then the students traded places and he sat in back for the rest of the ride. It was very exciting - he was nervous at first, but he really loved it. On a scale of 1-10 he gave it a 9, which is pretty darn good.

After that historic flight, we all went to see Harry Potter. It got mixed review from us - I loved it, Dick not so much. Dylan thought it was the worst of the series, Laurie was disapppointed, and Chip thought it was too long. Oh well - at least the popcorn is cheap on Tuesdays!

Dinner at Bubba's and home after a very big day.