Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Panera Tuesday

Decided to get some laundry done today since there's not much else going on today.

We went for lunch at Panera Bread to use their WiFi - we're paying through the nose for the iPad hotspot at home.  Too bad - it's Tuesday - no World of Warcraft - they shut down every Tuesday for "maintenance".  Not sure what that means!

Dick went caching with Chip - I stayed home to fold.

Found it 01/15/2013You found  The Giraffe in Low Grass!Visit Log
Caching with Mr Sharkie made the find quickly and took nothing, left jack squat. TFTC 
Found it 01/15/2013You found  1-95 Southbound Stretch!Visit Log
While Mr Sharkie drove, I attempted to find the cache using the iPad mini the kids gave me for xmas. I had to switch to our trusty Garmin. The learning curve for the iPad is proving to be a bit sharp for me. Took nothing, left our pen. TFTC 
Found it 01/15/2013You found  Travel Bugs Need HugsVisit Log
While Mr Sharkie drove, I attempted to use the new iPad mini to find and log a few caches. The learning curve is still too sharp for me. Switched to the 62 and made the find. Took 0, left our flashlight. TFTC 
Found it 01/15/2013You found  Green Farm TB & Geocoin HotelVisit Log
Came out today with Mr Sharkie to visit this cache and launch our latest coin. Found it using the new iPad mini but still can't use it for logging the find. Thanks for placing this here. Took nothing, no trackables in the cache. Left our coin and our pen.