Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Pictures are Posted

The pictures of our Wild West Adventure have been posted. The trip summary is:

4366 miles traveled
10 States visited in 10 days
41 total caches found
6 States added to our caches found list (MN,ND,MT,ID,WY,SD)

The lawn has been mowed, the laundry is almost done, the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and we're glad to be home.

Our next big event is the arrival of Laurie, Chip and Dylan on Saturday or Sunday - they've been camping in the Smokies, and are driving North after the 4th. They'll be with us for the month of July and part of August.

Jana is doing OK since she lost her job. Monday, June 30 was her last day in the office. This weekend she's driving to a wedding in upstate New York, and in a couple of weeks she'll be coming to T.C. to spend lots of time with us. I think she secretly would love to find a job in the Traverse area.

Tom had 4 wisdom teeth pulled last Friday, and he survived it! He'll be in great shape for GenFest.