Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Second Appointment

Very convenient, but still not where you really want to be qualified to park, thank you very much!

Nice building with some nice people inside, and some who don't really enjoy their job!

My appointment was originally for 10 a.m.  It was changed to 8:30 a.m. at the last minute,  It was another Stuart Oncology last minute time change.  We arrived around 8:15 ish, and were not out of there until 10:45.  Oh well, we're retired.......
Appointment began with a CBC and blood pressure in the lab and then we went in to see the PA, Kathy.  We waited  half hour to speak to her.  She didn't know about the ultrasound, and didn't know that the paracentesis is scheduled for Friday.  It seems the Martin Memorial (epic) hard drive crashed last week, and it's hard to get it back up and running properly.  Blood test showed low ferritin, so I had a ferritin injection, a half hour wait to check blood pressure and then we were done.

I'm really not comfortable about Friday.  I have no order to take with me, and no instructions for prep.  I heard once that there's no food or drink for 12 hours prior, but I have no written instructions.

Mulligans afterwards for muffin and fruit - very yummy!  And Laurie has invited us over for dinner.  Hooray!