Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Laurie, Chip and Dylan just called from the plane - they are all aboard, and they'll be here at noon!! Dick and I are going to the gym and then taking them out to lunch when they get here.

Jana is coming tomorrow!! She'll be here around 3 p.m. Things are really beginning to stack up. Tom will be here a week from Thursday.

Tom and Peter have dibs on going to the Oregon game with us on Sept. 8. We're going to be living in Ann Arbor for about 8 weeks in September and October because of the heavy U of M schedule and because of not wanting to drive back and forth week after week. We are really looking forward to it.

But right now we're looking forward to seeing all of our kids and family. Dick is looking forward to surviving the Governor's Conference!

Monday, Monday

1. Grocery shopping for Dylan friendly items! (They'll be here tomorrow - yaaay)
2. Merry Maids for obvious reasons!
3. Dick goes to Sam's Club for water, toilet paper, and salt for the water softener
4. Continued organizing in the "activity room"
5. A Little Laundry
6. Naps
7. Play WoW
8. Dinner out at Hofbrau
9. Nickel Creek at Interlochen

Dinner was interesting - we were put in the farthest reaches of Hofbrau - somewhere out near the back of the parking lot (jk). It was very quiet and lonely back there. But we weren't lonely for long - a party of twelve was put at a big table right next to us - I think it was three different families - noisy and fun and distracting! The children spilled at least 3 big glasses of water all over themselves! Bad plan to put the kids at one end of the table and parents at the other. Only one of the Moms seemed at all interested.

We enjoyed the Nickel Creek concert! Shelly and Chris came with their friend Kathy and it was good to see them! It makes it so much more fun when you have people you know to sit with and talk to. I was so glad they all could come. The concert was lively and fun, and Dick and I especially enjoyed singing along to "the little ones chewed on the bones-o" ! I was very entertained - Dick a bit less so - but I think he's pre-occupied with upcoming events.