Monday, September 29, 2008

New Old Routine

It's easy to fall into the routine we had in Ann Arbor last year. This morning we went to Briarwood for the "Old Geezer" workout. The U of M sponsors this workout every M-W-F, and it's free. It's a good workout, aimed at older citizens - aerobic and strength and flexibility mostly.

Back at the apt. we had the maintenance man come and do a couple of things that were out of whack - he was fast and effective.

Tim had his surgery today. Susie called to tell us that everything went OK and that things were fine - so we're relieved about that.

Lloyd Carr called and we're all going out to breakfast a week from tomorrow - should be extremely interesting.

We went geocaching and found 5 micros right here in our area.

Dick is cooking steaks tonight on the little grill that we bought for this apartment last year. The charcoal takes longer to heat up than the gas grill - it's been a while since he's used charcoal!