Friday, May 09, 2014

Delivery Day

Today is the day that we wait for deliveries!  Home Depot is going to deliver our new dryer between 1 and 5 - guess they can't get a shorter time frame!  Our current laundry is in town at the Eastfield Laundromat being washed, dried and folded.  I really don't like waiting around at laundromats.  Been there, done that.  My hamper is full of things that I don't trust them with, so I'll still have plenty of clothes to wash when this dryer gets hooked up.  It won't be right away, though...a nice man has to come and convert the new dryer to propane use before we'll be up and running.  That will probably be early next week.

UPS will deliver my chemo medication (Nexavar) sometime today.  I've been told repeatedly that I have to be here to sign for it.  That means just being here all day until UPS shows up.  I'll start taking it tomorrow - have no idea what it will do to me.  I know it's toxic, and it makes me a little nervous.  It's hard to plan the next weeks because I don't know how this will make me feel.  It's supposed to slow the growth of the tumor. and result in a "stable disease".  It's not a cure.  I'm hopeful.

Oh good - both things got here before 3 p.m., thankfully not simultaneously.