Sunday, December 18, 2011

Party Day

Tom has arrived!

 We got an early call to stop by with donuts, so off we went to Dunkin Donuts for an assortment, and then of to Laurie's for breakfast.

 Tom has some great stories to tell about China - and I have a feeling that we'll hear more as time goes by. My favorites involved the Chinese attitudes toward Westerners, who are so rare as to be objects of great interest and are treated with unusual respect. He has a daunting schedule. He's here for Christmas, leaving for Melbourne, Australia on the 27th, and from there back to China until Jan. 18th. 

Dylan's birthday party is scheduled to begin around noon. Kyle, Peyton and Toby are coming to play xbox games all afternoon. Chip and Laurie have re-arranged the living room to accomodate two TVs and two xboxes. Dylan loves his fedora hat, so Laurie has a fedora for each of the boys, including Grandpa, Chip and Tom.

 Dick and I exited before the boys got there, and returned around five o'clock for sandwiches and cake. It was really entertaining to watch the boys play - they're really a lot of fun. We all wore hats - Tom let me wear one of his and Laurie wore one of Dylan's. The result was kind of a strange looking group!