Sunday, July 03, 2011

How to Avoid the Cherry Festival

Found it 07/03/2011You found End of the Road Uba Visit Log
On a beautiful July day in northern Michigan, with the Cherry Festival in full swing, we decided to get out of town on a caching expedition. This find capped off what is for us a normal full day of caching, eight interesting finds on a nice drive with stops for lunch and beverage replenishment. On our tour, we spotted 5 other happy groups cruising along in their yellow rag top Jeeps but none as nice as ours. This cache is definitely in muggle heaven on a warm summer day, we had to wait out two sets of them but the scenery makes the wait more than bearable.
Spotted the cache, scooped it up and took it back to the cachemobile to sign. Then, after the boat pulled out, the young lovers left and the next boater was backing down the ramp, quickly replaced it. Thanks for the fun.
Found it 07/03/2011You found Williams Cache Visit Log
We were aware of the story, we have both read Al Barnes books, but we have never visited this site before. Once more we write, "Were it not for Geocaching, we would never have known this was here." Thanks for showing it to us.
Found it 07/03/2011You found The Old Roadbed Visit Log
Cache was sort of out in the open. We covered it in place. Picked up quite a bit of trash, signed the log and left Jack Squat. Thanks for the smilie.
Found it 07/03/2011You found MLT Lodi Visit Log
We like the MLT series and we love ammo cans. Put our sticker in the log book and left our card. TFTC
Found it 07/03/2011You found The Unwanted Headstone Visit Log
We were out caching on a beautiful Sunday. After finding the Historical Kalkaska cache, we cached our way home. We think that the stone is probably someone who was reinterred nearer his family or home. We singed the log and placed it in a ziplock. Traded what we think is a gold nugget for some geojunk. TFTC
Found it 07/03/2011You found North Branch of the Manistee Visit Log
Our goal today was to find and log the Historic Caches of Kalkaska. After finding that one, we came over here. The area around the cache is heavy with poison ivy so we tread very softly and carefully and I washed my hands and legs off thoroughly after replacing the cache. The original log book and the cache contents are wet. Some one has replaced the wet log with a new one but placed it in the same unsealed zip lock. We dumped the water out of the container, removed the geojunk and dried it out as best we could, We put our sticker in the damp log and placed it in a fresh baggie. TFTC
Found it 07/03/2011You found Historic Caches of Kalkaska County Visit Log
Today was a fantastic day to be out and about. With the Cherry Festival in full swing and the second day of the air show, we wanted to get out of town. We had found all of the caches required for this cache and so this was today's target. Our first three we logged on a busy day in eight years ago. On July 5th, 2003 we visited GC4D3A Stop Pining at Seven Bridges, GCA060 Ghost of Prince Froggers, and GCE309 Take me out to the ball game. Later that year we found GCGJW9 The Cascades at Rugg Pond on December 9th. We learned of the importance of GC36 Geocache 612 and made it the target of our first outing of 2004, finding it on January 4th. We were the 55th to find this, the second oldest cache in the state. In reviewing the logs, we find that more than 60% of those who logged it before us have less than 250 finds. In fact, of the first 10 to log it, only one is still active.
We loaded up our kayak and scored GCGPMH Torch River Paddle In on Oct. 13, 2004. Then there's GCJ287 MLT Sharon, we can't log it because we own it, or can we? Oh well, let's not revisit that discussion. We took nothing, left our card, our tag and a magnifying glass. Thanks for the cache, it brings back a ton of memories.
Found it 07/03/2011You found Cache to Eagle #14 Scenic Trails-Bay Trails Dist Visit Log
Our goal today was further east but we couldn't resist this one. We were absolutely wowed by the bridge! Although GZ is damp, it is far from "mucky" now. We traded one of our tags for a golfball. Congratulations to Cullen Lane for his accomplishment. A job well done!