Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Off the Market

The offer that we received was not satisfactory.  It was a real low-ball offer.  We countered, and the prospective buyer's response was also way too low.  We've decided to take our house off the market for the winter and try again next Spring.  I feel that we really need to find a condo first before we get serious about selling our home.  We have other things on our minds this Fall, and the real estate dealings were getting a tad too stressful.

Beccy, our agent, was very understanding and is taking our property off the multi-list and she's agreeable to waiting until Spring.

This is the letter Dick sent to Beccy:


We're sorry to have taken up so much of your time dealing with the sale and purchasing of housing for us, but we have discussed the latest counter offer and have decided to let the matter rest at this time. 

Nancy's health is our main concern and until we get that matter resolved and have a clear path to the future, we want to put the matter of selling the house off to the side for the time being. 

We have an additional diagnostic test today and then further consultation before scheduling the anti cancer procedure itself. We don't yet know for sure when and where  that might be done.  The treatment, the results, and a prognosis going forward are foremost in our minds, and right now, at this point in time, the selling and buying of housing is an additional distraction we don't need and are not prepared to deal with. 

We feel that we will have a better view of what the future holds for us in the spring and hopefully we will be better able to focus on the housing situation then.

Again, we thank you for the effort you have put forth on our behalf and apologize for taking up your time, but we hope you understand.


Dick and Nancy Steiger

And this is Beccy's response:

I certainly do and respect your decision completely.  Yes, Nancy's health is a priority and know that selling a home can be stressful.  I will let the buyers know, should they still have interest in the spring we can pursue it.  Plus, Nancy, the Lone Tree Condo most likely will be finished....smile.
With that, I will remove your home from the MLS and hold off until are ready to sell.  Dick if you want to pull the signs and set next to house, will pick them up when I'm out that way.
My prayers to you both.  Please keep in touch and let me know how things are going. 


Beccy Janis

Thus ends our latest real estate adventure!

I had the endless MRI this morning.  Well, it was really only 50 minutes, but it seemed endless.  I get the results on Thursday.