Sunday, April 11, 2010

Caching is Such a Good Excuse for a Drive!

A new cache showed up in Elk Rapids, and what better excuse do you need to go for a ride? The Sherwood Forest cache was in the park right by the Chamber of Commerce. It has a wonderful view of the stumps of Elk Lake. (snarky) The bench was all taped up and covered with plastic. When we saw it, we knew why. It has been beautifully hand-painted and really needed to be protected from the elements.

Found it 4/11/2010 You found What happened to Sherwood Forest?

With the blue sky and the white stuff gone, did some yard work and then took a break. Saw where this one popped and figured it was a great excuse to go for a ride along the Bay. It was quite dramatic today, four shades of blue. This park in Elk Rapids is a great spot for a cache and we were happy to snag a FTF. Our dancing days are gone so we just sat on the bench and wiggled our toes. Signed the log, scooped up the shilling and left Jack Squat. (OK, A hand sanitizer too) Thanks for the excuse for a drive.

Our dancing days are not gone - we've done FTF dances every time! Harrumph!

Our other cache find today was at the Scenic Trails Boy Scout Headquarters. It only took a minor search. Nice location, and lots of fun.

Found it 4/11/2010 You found Very Scenic Micro

It's good to have the white stuff gone and a warm blue sky. Got some yard work done and took a break for a few caches.This is the nearest to home we haven't snagged. This is an area that isn't on the usual route. ABX Guy used to have one inside the building that was fun. Thanks for the hide.

On the way home we stopped at K Mart. We're in the market for an Atlas that we can keep in the car. No such luck at K Mart. I bought some storage units for my bedroom. My poor room is bursting with crud-ola and needs to be organized. Now whose fault is that?