Saturday, April 12, 2014


South Fork High School Prom

As a sophomore, D. was able to go to Prom Saturday night because he volunteered for the clean-up committee  :)

Cottage, Omelette and Caring Bridge

Soon work will begin on our new T.C.  condo, so it's time to think about flooring, countertops, etc.

The Cottage Show seemed like a good place to begin, and we did get some ideas and contacts (and free candy!)

Afterwards we went to the Omelette Shoppe - we haven't been there for literally months!  It was fun and nostalgic.  There were only two or three employees that we recognized - lots of new staff.

Latest Jana updates:

1. From Wendy:
Dear All --

Jana is looking much better today.  She is more mobile, though still in pain.  I listened to a conversation with the head of the internal medicine team which is now responsible for her care. They believe a small diverticuli was responsible for the abscess, and are changing the antibiotics to reflect this.  If the new antibiotics don't lead to reduced white blood cell count and less pain, they will consult with infectious diseases.

Jana will be in the hospital through Sunday and probably through at least Monday.  There was no MRI today and none scheduled. 

Have a great weekend,

2. From Laurie:
Nurse practitioner Cindy visited Jana this afternoon. There is a diagnosis debate among the different medical teams. One side feels Jana has a
Tubo-Ovarian abscess
The other feels it's a
The culture the team took from the aspiration is growing. Nurse Cindy said results may be available tomorrow.
Jana is having a CT scan or a MRI today. The imaging will hopefully allow them to get a good view of the abscess area and help determine the source of infection.
Nurse Cindy flushed the drain and said it will remain in place until less than 20ml drains in 24 hour period.
Jana will have a contrast dye test on Monday. They will put dye in the drainage tube and hope it dead ends. They do not want it to track back to the colon. Nurse Cindy said the name of the test, it was something like a cystilogram, but some people call it an abscessogram. I can't find much about it. During the test an X-ray tech will watch the flow of the contrast.
Jana told me she is going to be handled now be the internal medicine group. They are going to reevaluate all her medicines etc. she is currently on 4 different antibiotics.
Jana will be hospitalized until Monday at least.
That is all for now
3. From Sarah:

Dear Family and Friends,

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