Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nice Day

Dick began this day with a 3 and 1/2 mile walk punctuated with excitement:

Found it 12/19/2012 You found =MorMor=, Welcome to Florida Visit Log
Well this turned into quite an adventure! We are staying across Federal in Summerfield for the Holidays again this year, and this cache has been on the radar since we arrived. I decided that instead of just driving up or parking at Publix, I would target it on a morning walk. This morning, with the temp. a refreshing 55, was the day.
I crossed Federal at the Summerfield light and walked south. I knew there would be a bushwack so I entered the area across an old sign. As usual I picked the wrong entry point. The area back there looks like either a homeless campsite or a place where the teens go to party. I spotted more than a couple dozen beer cans tossed around. The further I walked, the more I saw. If Florida had a deposit law a guy could easily scoop up 5 to 10 bucks worth. At first I thought about making a return trip with a garbage bag and do a CITO but upon reflection decided, if the locals don't care, why should I?
After a couple of erroneous bushwacks, I found the right approach and using the hint, made the find. I have never seen this type of container leak before but the interior was filled with water. The log book, securely sealed in it's zip lock is soaked. I signed a blank wet page, dumped out the water and replaced as found.
While I was busy with the cache, out on Federal, I heard a crash followed by some shouting. Soon there were sirens and by the time I got out of the bush and across Federal, there were 5 Police cars, a fire truck and an EMT ambulance on the scene. Apparently a car, south bound on Federal, stopped for the yellow light before the pickup truck following it was ready. The truck was stopped in what appeared to be an undriveable condition with hood caved in and the front wheels pointing in opposite directions. The automobile was blasted through the intersection and had made it to the side of the road a couple of hundred feet past. The result was that the pickup with two Police cars, blue lights flashing, parked behind it occupied the left lane while the fire truck, EMT ambulance and three police cars occupied the right lane and shoulder. Traffic, forced into only the center lane, was backed up past Cove Road.
I continued back home, the excursion lasted 1 1/2 hours, just a little over 3 1/2 miles. Thanks for the cache, because of the adventure, it earns a favorite from me.                   
The day began with a bang, but after that, it was delightful. We stayed home until lunch time and then went to Palm City. Dick got a haircut first, and then we went to visit L, C & D. Dylan has exams this week, so today was a half day for him. Chip was moving dirt in the pool area, and Laurie was ready for a visit. We had a good time - Dick even put his feet in the new pool, and then we went caching in Phipps Park. We had Linner at the Galaxy Diner - yummy, and then came home. The kids who live on our side street have little electric cars that they race around in just about every afternoon, and they're at it again right this minute. They are very small and very excited drivers - lots of squeals of joy. Santa's going to have trouble topping these cars!